Meat is the real backbone of the business and this is where it all started! We can proudly say that all our beef, lamb, pork and game comes from farms with high levels of stewardship located within 8 miles of both shops.

Our deli counter and shop

James personally collects animals from Steeple Leaze Farm and Wytch Farm, this is alongside our own Mangalitsa & Berkshire pigs that are kept on local heathland and woodland. We are able to tell you every detail about the rearing and welfare of the animals and we can confidently verify that they all have great outdoor lives!

Mangalitsa & Berkshire pigs

James also collects deer directly for our venison and we have a local supplier of game when in season.

All our fish, shellfish, crab and lobster is caught locally using techniques that promote sustainability.

Fish counter at The Salt Pig